I am restless.  I am always doing. 

Helllllo. I'm Angela!


I’m a 23-year-old lifestyle portrait photographer residing in Morrison with my little fam. My days are spent alongside my high school sweetheart, Logan, and our daughter, Isabelle. Together, we are the human servants to a cat named Jax. 


Family and trying to keep my house plants alive pretty much rule my world.

I was born in Thailand and raised in the midwest.

I appreciate every beautiful sunset I get to witness and live for farmer’s markets.

Exploring new places and eating all the food is my goal in life.

I prefer gelato to ice cream.

I never say no to floral.

The color yellow speaks to my soul.

Vans will always be my go-to shoe, but I prefer to be barefoot.

I try my best to be environmentally conscious.

I support small business and women.

I think beer is great. Tattoos are cool. And mountains are home. 


Throughout my journey, photography has been a way for me to create and just have fun. Photos are special to me, and I hope to one day get the chance to share that love with you. 

We're living in a world where phones and quick snaps are incredibly convenient, but when do we remember to jump on the other side of the frame? Or take a second to get them printed and saved?


I have boxes upon boxes of photographs and piles of memory cards that are home to reminders of my past. Maybe it's me being a super sentimental hoarder, but, if it weren't for those photos, I couldn't relive them like I do.


Memories fade. Loved ones pass. Time never stops.


Document it while you can.

Why does it matter?

On a truly sappy "why you should want me as your photographer" note: 


I want to capture all those tender moments. Seriously, I LOVE them. They make you take a step back and notice how beautiful + precious life is. Those are the ones I aim to preserve. 


We can jam to your fav tunes or talk about literally anything and everything. I'm a super laid back gal, and I get how awkward being in front of a camera is. I swear I will do my best to help you. Most importantly, I want to make you feel beautiful and comfortable.


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Angela Brearton | Morrison, Illinois | angelajbrearton@gmail.com